Registration till Jan 31, 2020

  • Regular participation 190 EUR
  • Virtual participation 240 EUR

Registration after Feb 1, 2020

  • Regular participation 240 EUR
  • Virtual participation 290 EUR

PhD student of a university in the EU

  • 140 EUR
  • Non-EU contact us!

Printed book of proceedings

  • 40 EUR (fee covers a book with your article (in recent years we need technically split the proceedings in two books – both share the introductory part and differ only in diferent sections included in each of them), worldwide postage)
  • 80 EUR (complete proceedings: thick books over 1kg, worldwide postage)

Article submission deadline

  • March 16, 2020

Dear Authors, you can pay using

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit/debit card (click on Pay Now button below)
  • Unistream or Western Union transfer

Please find  details below.


To all participants coming to Prague, we can offer help to arrange affordable accomodation (extra costs). Contact us and state how many nights you want to stay.

Rules of registration

  • Price is per article, not per author, therefore more authors can come to Prague paying only for one article.
  • Usually the corresponding author registers the article on Registration page.
  • If one corresponding author submits more articles, the second and more papers cost 140 Euro each. Names of co-authors may differ. Please note submission of extra articles in your registration form and yes, you may insert more abstracts of multiple articles in a single registration. The articles may also be registered separately but please inform us about this so we send you correct invoice.
  • A Group discount of 10% is available for 5 or more articles, registering at the same time.
  • If your paper is not accepted by the reviewers, we help you with advice on what to update. If you get repetitously rejected by subsequent reviews and do not update the article in respect to our requests, it will not get published. Long-term rejection rate is below 5%.
Registration fee includes:
  • A paper published in Proceedings of the conference that will be submitted for indexation in the Web of Science
  • Participation Certificate (upon request to our conference email, many do not need it, if you need something special for your university be mentioned on the certificate, let us know)
  • Online Abstracts Book (published online)
  • Programme of the conference (published online)
  • Hot Beverages and refreshments during cofee-breaks (tea, coffee), we know how food and beverages are important during a conference
  • We can help with arranging trips within Shengen area. Please contact us to discuss individual needs and wishes.
  • More information
Bank transfer Payment instructions:
there are for non VAT payers. If you are a VAT payer, please contact us to obtain the right invoice.
  • Supplier: ISE Research Institute s.r.o.
  • Czech Republic organization ID: 07294361
  • Phone/Whatsapp/IMO: +420608118311
  • IBAN: CZ7220100000002001541510 (for EUR payments)
  • CZK Account 2401531290/2010
  • Payment instruction type: OUR (required)
  • Bank name: Fio banka, a.s., Address: Millennium Plaza, V Celnici 10, 117 21 Praha 1, Czech Republic
  • For payment, our bank needs you to write only IBAN and swift correctly. To avoid stress when doing the transfer be aware that our bank does not care how you fill other details on the payment instruction. For example if you would write your home address in the bank address field, we would still receive the payment.
  • To cut bank transfer fees from various countries, especially non-EU countries we recommend using free Transferwise service due to very low fees and favorable exchange rates. Check that service out. Contact us if you need guidance.

Debit/Credit card payment

Please go to interface where you can pay using your credit or debit card.

Please note:

  • The Shop checkout link redirects you to 3D Secure interface of CSOB (the largest Czech bank). Therefore, no card data are used/saved by us.
  • You and us will receive same confirmatory email with your order and address after you make the payment. Based on that email we will create and email you the invoice in 2 working days.
  • Payment page (Bank interface) can be switched into multiple languages.
  • Sample screenshot of the payment interface (opens in new window).

Payment related Frequently Asked Quesions

I have some questions. I would like to submit article but what will be registration fee? I am doctor economical sciences, but my colleague is PhD student. How big will be the registration fee in both situation- if we will go to Prague and if we will take part virtual?
What is the price of printed proceedings book?

Answer: This is a good question as it involves many options. Considering you are located in an EU country, these are the options: 1. If the PhD student is the first author or the sole author, then the article qualifies for the discounted price of 140 EUR (regular or virtual participation – he can choose if he will come to Prague). In other cases vthe price would start at 190 EUR.  2. If you will be the first author and you do not need a printed proceedings book, price is 190 EUR if you come to Prague or 240 EUR if participating virtually given you register till end of January.

Printed proceedings book wit your article costs EUR 40. It is EUR 80 if you need complete proceedings book (we expect two books). Price reflects thick books separated in more books according to sections with total weight over 1kg and free shipping worldwide.

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